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Work on the Drop Table Building has progressed to the roof where contractors have been installing built-up roofing, ductwork, and fans. Installation of the drop table and wash bay began. Contractors completed the installation of the storm drain pipe and manholes on north and west sides of Drop Table Building. At the north wall of the Wheel Truing Building, work on the drum storage sheds began, including placing the concrete slab, installing concrete masonry unit walls, and construction of the structural steel and decking. At the west end of the building, construction on the rail pocket (where trains will park), is underway. Other ongoing work includes catenary work on tracks 6, 7 and 8 and construction of the Fire Pump House.

Construction continues at the Wheel Truing Building, the Drop Table Building, and the Large Component Storage Building. At the Wheel Truing Building, a metal roof deck was installed and the installation of structural steel nears completion. Installation of roof parapets on the north and south side of building began. Roof parapets are an extension of the wall at the edge of a roof. Inside, contractors prepared the ground for a slab-on-grade concrete foundation. Trench drains, reinforcing bars, and electrical conduit were installed in the slab. Concrete was placed at the east end of the building. Additionally, electrical boxes and panels were installed.

On the exterior of the Drop Table Building, contractors have been installing both insulated and translucent wall panels. Inside, contractors completed installation of trench drains and in-slab electrical conduit. Forming and reinforcing continues as concrete beings to be placed. Additionally, contractors are installing electrical conduit at the ceiling and ductwork.

The Large Component Building progresses closer towards completion. Contractors continue to install metal wall panels, gutters, and down spouts. The concrete foundation was placed.

Additional completed work includes the installation of an underground sanitary tank and the placement of the concrete foundation for a loading dock. Electrical cables/wire continue to be pulled through the conduit inside the existing shop.

Contractors continue to erect the Drop Table Building’s steel frame. A drain pipe was installed within the building as well.

The installation of the Large Component Storage Building’s concrete masonry unit walls is nearly complete. Contractors began to run electrical conduit and pull electrical wires through.

At the Wheel Truing Building, contractors completed forming, placing concrete, and stripping the grade beams. The area was backfilled and compacted. Additionally, a power conduit was installed at Wheel Truing Building.

Installation of the catenary structures began. A catenary structure supports the system of overhead wires used to supply electricity to the locomotives. The interior of the catenary consists of steel rebar cages. The rebar cages were placed in the caissons, which are cement-reinforced foundations for the catenary poles.

Lights and fire alarm monitors were installed in Large Component Storage Building.

Progress continued on the Large Component Storage Building, including the installation of the roof and concrete masonry unit walls.

At the northeast corner of the Frazer Shop, the contractors began to install a concrete slab for a generator. The area was excavated, compacted, and stoned. They also excavated for a loading dock in Storage Room 122.

Contractors began erecting the Drop Table Building’s steel frame.

Previous Activities

Work continued on the existing Component Repair Shop. The support brackets for the gas line were fabricated and installed. Interior doors as well as sink and toilet fixtures were also installed.

Despite the cold snap, work on the foundations of the Drop Table Building and the Wheel Truing Building progressed. Work on the Drop Table Building foundation included stripping concrete formwork, installing insulation panels, installing a drain pipe as well as backfilling and compacting. Electrical conduit was also installed in the Drop Table Building.

Concrete was placed in the Wheel Truing Building’s column piers and the forms were heated due to the cold conditions.

Contractors completed the final cleaning and touch-up paint for the Resource Control Room.

Erection of the Large Component Storage Building’s steel frame continued. Contractors began installing roof panels.

Concrete was placed for the Drop Table Building’s west approach pit walls.

Work continued on the Drop Table Building’s foundation. Contractors placed forming for the perimeter’s grade beams and the east approach pit’s walls. Concrete was poured for the west approach pit’s foundation and grade beams.

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